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Nature’s Window




Nature’s Window

I took this photo last autumn i was really sunny and colorful with all the leafs falling down just a beautiful sight .I made the composition as best as the sun let me so it looks like a window directly into the nature with all of its magic i was fiddling with my lens for like an hour before i got the sun where i wanted it to be but it turned out great ,although i took like 10 or 11 frames to cover the sunset with a camera that has 14,4 ev stops of dynamic range which explains how much they will evolve in the future to get to the level when we do not need hdr but till then the hdr fun will continue .

10-11 bracketed shots 1 ev apart  blended in photomatix for the base photo and blended in the rest by hand in photoshop along with some nik software color corrections  and contrast corrections.

Camera: Nikon D800 14-24mm F2.8  at 16mm



0,77sec exposure

tripod used :yes


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Majestic forest sunrise hdr



Majestic forest sunrise hdr

I captured this photo extremely early in the morning it was like 5:30 am at our local forest park , with a good buddy of mine who is also a photographer  we got up at 4 am  made some hot coffee some sandwiches and we were off to meet up with the sunrise ,although we packed everything including some beach folding chairs hehe  we forgot to add sugar to our coffee so it was bitter and punchy  but it helped with our creativity . We were walking about an hour before we stumbled up on this spot near a small lake which after the sun was up it was very misty and fogy ,that’s why in the background as you can see on the photo is white-ish  it was simply majestic site .The sun shining through the leafs of those threes  gave the grass and everything else a nice golden glow and a lot of color  but the part i liked the most were the long shadows from the threes which i used as leading lines across the entire frame .Enjoy

Postprocesing : photomatix + niksoftware

Camera info :

7 bracketed exposures

Nikon D800

Nikkor 14-24mm f 2.8  @14mm


S.S -1/6sec

Tripod used : yes