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Golden Ball Lake



Golden Ball Lake

I took this photograph last summer in Aerodrom ,this is one of the couple man made lakes there as a part of the lakes(seven lakes in total ) city park Skopje .The story behind this photo was funny because a friend of mine who lives near the lakes told me you can do a fantastic photo here and i was extremely skeptical after my trip to Madrid,Spain because i saw tons of beautiful fountains there which were 100s of years old . After i arrived to see these new small lakes i was surprised and spent 4 hours shooting around the park and found this golden ball fountain most interesting so i did it in HDR and it came out really well ,all in all it was a great day for HDR.


Camera info :

Nikon D800 +14-24mm F2.8 G ED nikkor


S.S : 2secs (base exposure)