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Sunset Path



I shot this image while staying at the Egyptian resort  while on vacation . After getting up and down on almost every building to find the perfect spot so the walking path aligns with the setting sun  finally found the right building , it was difficult but worth it .The heat was extremely intense the sun was right in my face pretty much was sweating bullets and so was my lens but thanks to my previous shot from the pool learned to carry a microfiber cloth with me which saved the shots ,and as always egytian sunsets and sunrises are the best i don’t know if its the desert air or the African continent but there is something special about them .

This is a 9 shot bracketed image  , post processed in photomatix first and then manually blended in the parts that were bad in photomatix like the sun and shadows in the buildings left and right .

Plugins used -nik software  color efex and onone pefecet photo suit to get the contrast and colors right .

Enjoy 😀


where the shot was taken :


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Vineyard sun rise



DSC_8683_vinarija_zan-na-blogI took this photo on my way back from Prilep and the beer fest to my home city Skopje ,while i was driving me and my friends noticed the sunrise over the beautiful Vineyard, i immediately stopped the car  got my tripod and gear out and started shooting right there on the highway  good thing it was 5 am and there were no cars  because the sunrise and clouds were changing so fast  probably wouldn’t be able to stop if there was traffic. Although i only carried my Nikon d3100 i was amazed with the results keep in mind this camera is 14 mpx and produces allot of noise but as good photographers will tell you the best camera is the one you got with you 😀

This is an hdr image procesed in photomatix and finished in photoshop  with nik software,6-7 exposures total

Image info:

Camera: Nikon d3100

lens: 18-55 nikkor

exposure: F11 , 1/13 sec , iso 100