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Restaurant La Palma Hdr



I also shot this photo while i was on vacation in Egypt hurghada, the shot was kinda complicated because there were always people inside i mean it was packed 24/7 because the food was amazing literally everything on the menu was well prepared and delicious .After a talk with the friendly restaurant manager Sayed about doing this shoot he kindly agreed to give me access before the restaurant opened early in the evening before all the guests arrived for dinner . I took my camera on my tripod and all the cooks and the master chef came to me because i was the guy with the huge camera ( i had the nikon d800 back then ) i said no problem and shot a group photo of the staff and everyone was happy but i had only minutes to capture all the angles of the beautiful restaurant so i stepped up my game .After i took the images i had no idea how well will the final image look i had no laptop with me to process them right away but after i got home i processed the images and was amazed to see the results i mean the polished wooden floors , the palm leaf pillars ,the one of a kind animal engraved chairs and of course  the best thing was the ridiculously real Savannah sunset ceiling , Just take a 2 minute look around this photo and you will be amazed by the many details of this unique restaurant .

Camera info:

Nikon D800 /nikor 14-24mm f2.8


aperature: F 7.1

middle exposure : 15 sec

Tripod used: yes

Number of expusures: 5


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The Old stone bridge


The Old Stone Bridge SkopjeThis is a photo i took  long time ago 😀 of the reworked Old stone bridge in Skopje, Macedonia   on the left is the new 2014 project for updating the Skopje city center .This is my first publicly famous photo and one of my favorite photos ,it was featured on many websites and blogs.

Now there is an “Arca” boat-restaurant on the right side which is finished and am looking forward to make a remake of the this photo with the new things .

This is a long exposure photo to make the water silky plus it overexposed the bridge a little bit which i like because it gives a good leading line and form,the photo was taken just under the paralel bridge a.k.a just behind .

Enjoy and share  cheers 😀