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Golden Ball Lake



Golden Ball Lake

I took this photograph last summer in Aerodrom ,this is one of the couple man made lakes there as a part of the lakes(seven lakes in total ) city park Skopje .The story behind this photo was funny because a friend of mine who lives near the lakes told me you can do a fantastic photo here and i was extremely skeptical after my trip to Madrid,Spain because i saw tons of beautiful fountains there which were 100s of years old . After i arrived to see these new small lakes i was surprised and spent 4 hours shooting around the park and found this golden ball fountain most interesting so i did it in HDR and it came out really well ,all in all it was a great day for HDR.


Camera info :

Nikon D800 +14-24mm F2.8 G ED nikkor


S.S : 2secs (base exposure)


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The Old stone bridge


The Old Stone Bridge SkopjeThis is a photo i took  long time ago 😀 of the reworked Old stone bridge in Skopje, Macedonia   on the left is the new 2014 project for updating the Skopje city center .This is my first publicly famous photo and one of my favorite photos ,it was featured on many websites and blogs.

Now there is an “Arca” boat-restaurant on the right side which is finished and am looking forward to make a remake of the this photo with the new things .

This is a long exposure photo to make the water silky plus it overexposed the bridge a little bit which i like because it gives a good leading line and form,the photo was taken just under the paralel bridge a.k.a just behind .

Enjoy and share  cheers 😀