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Photography Wisdom Rules


As #1 is always Google the location you are going to shoot so you can know what is already out there so you can do better, or if there aren’t any scout your location take same phone photos geo tag them so later you know exactly where you have been.
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If you travel and you don’t know what to shoot while let’s say you are in Italy download Trey Radcliff’s “stuck on earth” app for your phone it shows all the cool locations and photos already taken, also there is another old fashioned method and that is to drop in a local gift store or any store that sells postcards and see what locations are famous for photographing or at least worth visiting and make your plans from there.




Make a check list of all your gear and memory cards I can’t tell you how many times I have run out in spur of the moment to catch that nice sunset with drained batteries or the memory cards forgotten in the card reader it’s a silly mistake but it happens ,after many years shooting it happens to me still, sometimes but I learned from my mistakes and I got spare memory cards in my car along with a spare tripod in the trunk that I carry everywhere 😀 so plan ahead it will be worth it.




Stable tripod – happy post processing camper 😀 Keep your tripod stable at all times if there is wind attach your backpack to your tripod or get a rock if you can find one put it in the backpack and secure the tripod and also important is the camera strap either hold it in your hand or get rid of it it’s like a sail and will catch wind like crazy.

Turn all the levers tight when you get your composition to lock them down good because sometimes you will just tighten them and when you set up your camera settings it will move slightly during the bracketed shots and make you post processing chaos and blurry photos afterwards.

Use mirror lock up mode for no vibrations along with the viewfinder door on Nikon but I think there is the same system on Canon not really sure so light doesn’t spill in the sensor during long shutter speeds through the viewfinder. 



If you shoot near a sea or a lake check tide times, when I was shooting one morning in Egypt there was no water for a mile I got on a rock setup my tripod and just as I shot 1 frame the tide came and I was stranded but later packed my gear and walked through the water wasn’t that deep so keep in mind tides change quickly and might ruin your gear if you are not careful.

Very important always bring a friend with you to keep you company and on night shoots and hikes for security reasons, it’s never fun to sit alone in the dark shooting stars for hours.




And the final tip this is I think the most important one leave early give yourself at least 30 minutes to set up and find a composition at the location where you will be shooting, I have left my home a lot of times thinking what a great sunset I will get in my car and I will catch it no problem only to realize how fast it is going down and after I arrive its over and I get home with no shots – remember the early bird gets the worm and the more time you invest in a photo the better the photo will be trust me.