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Lonely Tree



Lonely Tree


I took this photo really early in the morning i was there almost all night photographing the city with a friend of mine , after photographing the city i was getting some gear out of my backpack (which was near the tree ) and i saw the amazing tree there and the sun was making it’s first sign in the sky and instantly i had an idea .The idea was to photograph the tree overlooking the city giving that lonely feeling , it is like a natures guarding of the city .The idea was to get 2-3 long exposures for the sunrise and mix a little flash with the tree , i was behind the camera getting the settings right while my friend was running across the frame flashing the tree which was hilarious to watch ¬†because i told him not to stop so he wont ruin the photo and he took it comically serious ran like a gazelle.

Camera settings :

Nikon d800 + 14-24mm F11 , iso:100 sutterS:10-15 secs