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Indoor Camera White Balance Trick


A while back I stumbled up on a YouTube video there was this guy showing how you can get perfect custom white balance indoors (mixed lights) with only your camera and a piece of toilet paper. I thought the guy was out of his mind and that toilet paper mumbo jumbo would not work, because there are so many gray cards and color balancing cards and kits costing tons of cash for getting it right. After watching the video, I thought I would try his ridiculous toilet paper method and what I saw and did amazed me like some trick out of Chris Angel’s mind freak show. The white balance was actually correct 9 out of 10 times that I tried it, enough said on to the trick.

What will you need:


1. a camera or dslr with the ability to take custom white balance profiles
2. a piece of white, just plain white no colors on it or shapes just white toilet paper.
3. a tripod, table and/or duck tape (your choice I used a table for demonstration purposes but I guess you will be on a tripod)

That’s it pretty simple

  • Now get your dslr and set it to the custom white balance setting (on Nikon hold the WB button and scroll to the PRE mark and then hold the WB button till the PRE sing blinks) for canon shooters just look it up in your manuals probably similar to Nikon.


  • because this is almost a 3 hand operation set your dslr on a tripod (or table in my case )
  • Push the WB button (while at the PRE setting) till the PRE sing blinks it doesn’t blink for long so do this quickly.

  • Take the piece of toilet paper and hold it in front of your lens but watch out not to touch the front glass element of the lens because you can scratch it and we don’t want that.


  • Set a good exposure so there is enough light doesn’t matter if its 1-2 seconds or 1/300 as long as there is sufficient light.
  • After taking the white balance shot the top lcd will say No Gd or Good (on Nikon ) if it’s “Good” go on and take a shot to see if it worked if it’s “no Gd “ take another shot(you need to push the WB button again ) and lower your shutter so more light can come in and the camera can see the white in the toilet paper 😀


  • Get a test shot if it’s not that well balance that means you need more toilet paper because either the piece was too small or it didn’t cover the lens good or the toilet paper was too thick ,remember to get a piece of toilet paper that you can see some light through the paper or it won’t work.

This method works outside too you have to try it and see how it works for your shot or situation

That’s it remember this trick when you forget your grey car or color balancing card for those tricky indoor lights and you don’t want to mess with the color in Photoshop or you don’t have the time, so why not get it right in camera and save yourself some time . 😀